Common Uses Of Hydraulic Pumps In Construction

In the building and construction industries, there are many types of heavy plant and equipment that are normally used for a variety of things. You will find excavators, backhoes, concrete mixers, jackhammers, pokers and cranes among other types of machinery. While many of these equipment are only powered by an electric motor, diesel or gasoline-powered engines while others use fluid mechanics. For instance, jackhammers use pressurized air or pneumatics to work. Others use pressurized incompressible liquids in hydraulic systems. These systems are known to deliver immense power with little input. The rexroth hydraulic pump is incredibly popular in construction. 

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How Hydraulic Systems Work

Hydraulic systems have a number of important components, including; hydraulic fluid, filters, hydraulic pump, valves, fluid lines and hydraulic cylinders. All these components are designed to withstand intense pressure. The hydraulic pump is perhaps the most important component in the hydraulic power system because it is responsible for building up the pressure needed to push or pull the piston in the hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic cylinder is also an important component as it is responsible for converting fluid pressure to either rotary or linear force. 

Common Applications

Hydraulic systems can be found in earthmovers, backhoes, excavators, large concrete mixers and many other types of heavy machinery. Basically, they can be found in any piece of equipment that does heavy lifting, pulling or any other type of work that requires a lot of force. For instance, larger concrete mixers have hydraulic motors to turn the large mixing chamber together with the concrete. The mixer also has a hydraulic lifting system to pour out the concrete once mixing has been done. 

Excavators, on the other hand, have different types of hydraulic cylinders that manipulate the arm as desired by the user. Hydraulic rams used to make holes underneath busy roads for passing of water pipes, electrical power cables and fiber optic cables also use hydraulics. As you can see, there are many types of hydraulic power systems used in construction. 

Maintaining Hydraulic Equipment

It is important to note that hydraulic systems can fail for one reason or another. For starters, overloading equipment can lead to failure. Lack of maintenance can also lead to problems. For this reason, the individuals tasked with operating these equipment need to be properly trained on how to properly use and care for these equipment. The filters used in these systems must be cleaned regularly. They should also be inspected to ensure they do not have any damage. Any damaged filters should be replaced urgently. Secondly, the hydraulic pump must be serviced regularly to ensure any worn out parts are replaced before the pump fails. Hydraulic seals in the entire hydraulic power system must be replaced regularly because they usually wear out fast, and this can lead to loss of power. 

When buying a Rexroth hydraulic pump, make sure it comes with a long-term warranty. In case of defects or unexplained malfunction, you should not suffer any financial losses. The supplier should either fix the pump or replace it altogether.